Working Together – Collaborative Working

John Hain, pixabay

Working together and collaborative working are interchangeable names for the simple idea: that when all of the people with an interest in a product, service and the benefit get together to design, build and deliver – we can achieve better “outcomes”.  Where people have been used to just  “getting on with the job” the idea of developing collaborative working is challenging, it requires behaviours and skills that build positive working relationships with a variety of different people and organisations.  The benefit is that the outputs and outcomes should work better for all involved especially the service or product user.

Working together is at the center of the People Can Approach to creating places where people feel happy, safe and proud to call home.


Useful links

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations provide a useful guide to collaboration and how to apply the ideas.

Further insights into how it can work in practice can be found in Collaborative Working – How publicly funded services can take a whole system approach.


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