Volunteer Management – Dos and Don’ts

Some Dos and Don’ts When Managing Volunteers


Here are some good ideas to get going with managing volunteers.
• Firstly you can make sure your volunteers have a clear role description and the skills needed to do the task

• Provide induction training with information about your organisation and its policies and procedures

• Provide on-going support and make time to listen to any concerns or issues your volunteers may have

• It is really good to give praise, thanks and recognition

• Give them opportunities to contribute to your projects – listen to their ideas and comments and take them on board if possible

• Finally make sure insurance covers the task and venue


Here are some things to avoid when managing volunteers.
• Firstly do not make it hard for people to volunteer – be aware of barriers and look at ways of overcoming them

• Underestimate the skills, experience or abilities of your volunteers

• Take them for granted or waste their time – make sure they feel involved in your organisation and what they are doing is important

• Ignore problems. Be prepared to deal with any issues that arise promptly and fairly

• finally forget to find out what motivates your volunteers – a motivated volunteer is a committed volunteer

For free help and support in Bradford and Keighley on managing volunteers contact the Volunteer Centres

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