How to add Articles to Knowledgebase

Use Knowledgebase to share knowledge!

Knowledgebase is the area of the website where we can share useful information to help us all make a difference, such as:

  • How to Guides
  • Top Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Documents, images and videos


  1. Sign in to the peoplecan back office area, you will need an WordPress account; if you don’t have one contact an admin via People Can on facebook or the website.
  2. From the WordPress menu on the left sidebar click Knowledgebase>New Article.
  3. This opens an interactive page where you can add titles, text and images to create yourhow to guide etc. Click the Visual tab on the right to use familiar formatting tools.
  4. Add headings: break up the text with Headings – 1 at the top and then H2, H3 etc.
  5. Add images: these help illustrate guides; use the Add Media button or simply drag the image from your desk top in to the editing screen and WP will automatically upload. Adding captions and alt-text helps Search Engine Optimisation (how quickly google finds things!)
  6. Add documents: you can add a document as a .pdf in the same was media: dragging in to the editor or by adding media and uploading.
  7. Pick a Category: use the Knowledgebase Categories in the right hand sidebar to file the article.
  8. Pick a Tag: use Knowledgebase Tags to help with search, add an new one e.g. FAQ or select from previous.
  9. Preview, Publish or save a draft: use the dialogue box in the top right hand of the sidebar to Preview you article – see how it looks, Save a Draft if its not finished or Publish – it will go live.  If you Publish you can carry on editing but remember to update
  10. Yoast SEO: if you scroll down the page you will come to a dialogue box for Yoast SEO tool.  This scores how good the post will be at being spotted by search engines such as google etc.  The red and amber lights give you clues about what to edit to improve SEO.  Be careful getting green lights can be addictive!




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