Black Heritage Youth Ambassadors

This grouBlack Health Forum Membersp was the winner of the Bradford Community Stars Award for Young Active Citizens, 2015. Since 2013 the Black Heritage Youth Ambassadors have dedicated themselves to gathering information about the movers and shakers of the African and African Caribbean community in Bradford. They have worked tirelessly to interview older black people in the district to capture their stories in order to acclaim the heritage of this community and its contribution to the enrichment of Bradford. George Deane of the Black Health Forum said:


“They are a bright group of young people who have worked unstintingly hard, evenings and weekends, to support their community. They also worked throughout their holidays to support community events, clean up and tidy community centres and do some decorating. Throughout this they managed to complete their school work as required.”


Community Health Volunteer – Arshad ZamanArshad Zaman

Arshad has been actively involved in volunteering in the community for more than ten years. She has helped to organise a culturally-appropriate health and wellbeing group for South Asian women and set up a girl’s group for 11 to 18 year-olds. She’s helped women with low educational attainment and language barriers improve their reading skills. In addition she volunteers as a breastfeeding peer with the Breastfeeding Network and has supported women with issues related to breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. All this and a mother of eight children too! Arshad won the Volunteer Community Stars Award in 2015 and said that volunteering has boosted her confidence though, it can also be challenging at times.

Flood Volunteer – Michelle Chapman

Bingley flood volunteer Michelle Chapman received a Points of Light volunteering award from the Prime Minister recently, here is a short BBC film about it.