Dementia Friendly Communities are being coordinated across the District.  These are very helpful in enabling people living with dementia to continue to live their lives.

People Can…Become a Dementia Friendly Community

Dementia can be life changing for people, their families and friends. You and your local community can play a vital role in enabling people with dementia to live better.

Getting started

You can obtain general information about dementia from the Alzheimers Society website:

You could start with 2 or 3 people from your street or you may be aware that more people in your area want to play a role in developing a ‘Dementia Friendly Community’. Organise a meeting for all interested people. You need to identify your key objectives for your neighbourhood. To help you decide these you can contact the Bradford Alzheimer’s Society, it has a breadth of experience and resources in supporting dementia friendly communities. Details of their offices in Bradford are at the end of this leaflet.

Your aims could be to improve the environment in your neighbourhood to allow people with dementia to undertake activities important to them. These include, being able to travel, shopping, visiting places of worship and managing day-to-day tasks.

Developing a Partnership

Housing, community, faith, business, public sector organisations are all keen to be involved in supporting these initiatives. Therefore it is important that you contact these organisations if they are in your neighbourhood. They all have roles to play in making neighbourhoods more become friendly and fulfilling places to live for people with dementia and their families. Examples include:

  • Shop assistants becoming aware for issues for people with dementia i.e. a person with dementia may take longer to pay at the till or may even forget to bring their wallet. In these situations it is important the shop assistant knows what to do.
  • Post Office/Banks also can be very supportive if they know how to support people with dementia.
  • How streets are laid out can with shop A boards or goods outs the shop can make it hard for a person with dementia to walk around.
  • Challenging the myths and stigma associated with dementia

Building membership

It really helps to find like-minded people who wish to be involved. This will make it much easier to get things started and have a greater impact.


  • Sending out flyers or put up posters inviting people to an initial get together.
  • Talking to people at local places of worship, neighbours or community centres.