Consequence of Reckless Driving campaign

Amjad and his wife Uzma won the Bradford Community Stars Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015 for their project, CORD, Consequence of Reckless Driving campaign.
In September 2014 their son, Saliq Malik, was killed in a car accident, the result of someone else’s reckless driving. He was 15 years old. Since that time, they have shown remarkable resolve, character and strength to begin an active campaign to raise awareness of the consequences of careless driving hoping to prevent others from experiencing the devastation faced by losing a loved one in such circumstances.
They were nominated for an award by Rizwan Rehman, who said of the couple:

“ They have both shown tremendous determination to change their grief into a positive outcome. Their active campaign against reckless and careless driving will no doubt be a success. If, through their work, they are able to save one life then it will be worth all the time spent on the campaign.”



Mindworks was founded by Kevin Russell in 2010. It works with local employers to promote positive mental health attitudes in the workplace. It came about because Kevin, unemployed and a mental health service user experienced difficulty finding work. He felt this was due to negative attitudes by employers towards people with mental health conditions and his reasoning was backed up by others in a similar position. He decided to try and change this at a local level. The organisation works closely with Keighley Volunteer Centre to deliver training workshops to raise awareness of issues around mental health and has developed a Mindful Employer Charter. Through this work local organisations are able to find out more about the issues facing those with mental health conditions but understand that with the right support and help, barriers to employment can be overcome.