Bradford District is a place where people band together, we help each other in times of need, and we’re a close-knit, supportive community.

People can get through this tough time together.
While we’re staying home and staying safe, people can still #MakeADifference.

How can I help my family, friends and neighbours?

If somebody you know needs to self-isolate due to coronavirus, they will be advised to call on friends, family and neighbours to help with some of the basic tasks. If you can help them with this, then please reach out and let them know.
There are websites and apps to help you connect with your neighbours and those on your street, or you could post them a note with your details just in case they need anything.
You could help with things such as:
 Practical help like food shopping
 Befriending and social support
 Checking in with people by phone
 Advice and signposting
 Supporting food banks
 Pet care and dog walking
 Delivering puzzles, books, hobbies to boost wellbeing