People Can is an open invitation to everyone in our communities, neighbourhoods, villages and towns that make up the district to Work Together and discover how we can make a difference to our lives and the places we live……

People Can is a:

  • community of people finding new ways to Work Together;
  • shared approach to solving problems and meeting needs;
  • shared set of tools and resources to get things done;


Everyone who turns up is a welcome member of the network of the people Working Together to make a difference. There are opportunities for each of us to add our contribution whether we are employed by public bodies, voluntary sector, a citizen, members of a group or association, a locally based business.    

Working Together

People Can make a difference when we Work Together.  Our approach is made up of four connected ideas:

  • a belief that we can make a positive difference to our individual lives, our community, our neighbourhood etc;
  • a willingness to develop shared understanding;
  • Creating spaces where everyone is equally part of the solution;
  • by sharing our skills, stuff and space we can make the difference.

As individuals the most powerful tool we have at our disposal is the belief that we can change the situation, we can be the difference. The most powerful tool we have working together is our willingness to create a shared understanding of our problems – listening to and hearing one another’s stories. We each have a different view of the problem and all of these different points of view are needed to create good outcomes.  When we also share our resources (skills, stuff, spaces) making the difference becomes a reality.  

Get Involved!

Our work is currently themed in four areas:

Be Neighbourly – carry out small, informal, everyday acts of kindness, no need for a song and dance, simply make contact and help.

Community action – create a new group, activity or event with like minded people to begin tackling a local need – litter in the park, blocked up ginnels, a closed Council building etc.

Volunteering – how can we formally devote some of our time to helping others or find people to help.

Find Resources – where do we find funds, stuff, space, skills to get our project idea off the ground.

Build People Can

If you or your organisation would like to get involved in developing People Can we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

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