What is People Can all about anyway?

“People Can” is an open invitation to our communities, neighbourhoods, villages, towns, individuals and organisations that make up the district to work together to do things differently, discover how we can all make a difference to our lives and the places we live in.  It is a district wide approach that succeeds through collaborating with the Voluntary Community Sector (VCS), the business community and citizens.

“People Can” is not a programme of work, rather an approach to show the whole of the district that we value their efforts to support us in times of austerity.  By bringing all voluntary activity, community groups, good neighbours and activists together and showcasing their collective efforts we hope to inspire more people to take part.

“People Can” is not a directive, individuals are not inspired by being told what they must do; they are inspired by examples shown from other like minded people.

In a recent survey on volunteering by the National Council for Volunteering Organisations (NCVO) one of the main barriers stated by those who have never volunteered is that they have never thought about it / never been asked so raising awareness of volunteering may encourage them to start volunteering for the first time.

Bradford District has a strong and vibrant civil society sector with an estimated 1,500 voluntary groups and 100,000 volunteers committed to making Bradford District a better place to live. Our People Can initiative is connecting more and more people to volunteering opportunities in which they can make a difference.  We also support community organisations offering volunteering opportunities to provide valuable local services in challenging financial times. The People Can approach also provides a platform for communities to engage in neighbourhood activities through events and community development. This carries on the good practice of ‘Friends of groups’ to look after local green spaces, libraries and other services important to their locality. This collective working of people with common causes brings down barriers to integration and cohesion in neighbourhoods.

By encouraging all of these groups, individuals and organisations to use the People Can brand we create a shared identity that promotes commonality rather than highlighting difference.

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