Bradford Council CEO Thanks #teambradford

Kersten England, Chief Executive Officer of Bradford Council, wrote to all Council staff today thanking them for their hard work over recent weeks.  It is a positive and strong message that recognises the shared challenge of continuing to build strong communities and community relations.

Dear colleagues

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who worked on the referendum process over the last months, weeks and 24 hours. It was another marathon and demanded patience, attention to detail and endurance. We rose to the challenge and delivered. Thank you Team Bradford.

Following the result on Friday it’s clear that we are in for a period of uncertainty and turbulence across the UK. This may bring additional and new challenges to us in our work for the District. It will be doubly important that we remain resolute and focussed on our core priorities – to create prosperity which is enjoyed by all communities in the District, to build strong communities and community relations, and to be there for the most vulnerable. Pulling on the contributions of everyone in #teambradford will be vital.

One of the reasons I am so proud to work for this council is because of our diversity as well as the diversity of the District. We are amongst the most diverse of local authority workforces. It is a strength. Today I am particularly reflecting that many of us have European roots and many of us are EU nationals of other countries. The contribution we all make matters today just as much as yesterday. Whatever position people took on the referendum question now is a time to pull together and to be a team. Let’s be a great team.

Best wishes


Chief Executive

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