Make contact with your local Neighbourhood Policing Team

NPT2PEOPLE CAN contact their PC and PCSO ward officers for their area by going to the West Yorkshire Police Website. See the link below:

Click on Bradford and on the right hand side choose your ward area by clicking on it.
These websites are full of useful information about your local police teams.
By clicking on Contacts on the left had side of the screen under Your Area you can see all of the officers on the teams and details showing the e-mail address for the team to enable you to make contact.

The PC and PCSO Ward Officers listed, deal with issues in your area that may need a partnership approach to problem solving.

PEOPLE CAN Receive messages from your PC and PCSO Ward Officers from OWL (Online Watch Link).

This is an interactive communication system that West Yorkshire Police use with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Bradford Council to send messages to members. This service is free of charge and you can sign up online by going to

Crime and information is sent out to members relating to the area that you live and is a two way communication.
You cannot report crime through OWL as we would always encourage you to use the 101 number or in an emergency ring 999 so that your call is logged and you are given a log number but you can communicate with your PC and PCSO Ward officers if they have sent out appeals that you may be able to assist with.

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