People Can be Bradford Street Angels

13000101_10153947913185491_3480475871121951303_nDid you know that PEOPLE CAN be helped by Angels in Bradford City Centre and YOU CAN become a Bradford Street Angel? Volunteers make a real difference in the city every Friday and Saturday night.

Becoming a Bradford Street Angel Volunteer can enhance your CV, give you experience volunteering within your local community and let you work as part of a great team of people. Please see below for further details.

A Bradford Street Angel Volunteer is:

“An individual who offers their own time between the hours of 8pm and 2am on a Friday or Saturday night, to help anyone who is vulnerable, without exception. A Bradford Street Angel can be sat talking to a homeless person one minute, then dealing with someone who has had one too many drinks the next. We work in mixed sex teams of at least three which is led by an experienced team leader. We get to know all kinds of people whilst having lots of fun and making some lifelong friends in the other volunteers.”

You must be at least 18 years old and there is no upper age limit.  We currently have Angels in their 70s.  Your role as a Bradford Street Angel will benefit from a willingness to talk, laugh and care for people that you will possibly never see again. Patience is a virtue and you will need lots.

To keep up to date, we ask that Bradford Street Angel Volunteers try to patrol at least once a month, however there is no minimum requirement. As a charity, we do not have guaranteed funding from any source, so we regret that we are unable to offer a salary or cover expenses for travelling to or from the Patrol. Where possible, we may be able to arrange a lift home at the end of the patrol.

Volunteering as a Bradford Street Angel can sometimes be wet and sometimes cold, yet, waiting around the next corner there is always an opportunity to make a real difference . Check us out at or on Facebook: bradfordstreetangels

To make a difference, why not volunteer? Email our admin team for an application form at:  [email protected]

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