A Community led clean up took place in Ravenscliffe on Thursday 3rd March. A local resident was so fed up with the build-up of litter and dog fouling along a footpath she wanted to do something about it. The resident contacted Anita Bolland (Community Development Worker) and asked for some support to clean up the footpath from Roundwood Avenue to Eccleshil Hospital. Anita mustered support from other volunteers at the Gateway Centre. Neighbourhood services and Nicky Lannen (Senior Youth Worker) also lent aa hand to help with the clean-up.

During the clean-up staff from The Big Swing also asked the clean-up volunteers to help them move a 30ft pole from newlands Business Park to The Big Swing grounds. Anita Bolland stated, “There was a great sense of community spirit and good will amongst the helpers, many hands really did make light work and it was all thanks to Oksana the resident who wanted to clean up the footpath”.

footpath clean pic 1

For more information contact Anita Bolland on 01274 636602