People Can take part in many activities that do not involve the need to raise money.  However some money is normally needed to support people led initiatives.  Often money is raised through simple fund raising activities like car boot sales, selling cakes, car washing, running raffles etc.  There are also times when it is more appropriate that groups raise money through making funding applications.  In the Bradford District, in recent years, there has been much less money available through grants, as a result of cuts to public sector funding.

In the Bradford District there is a new fund that has been set up to raise money for community groups, called the Bradford District Community Fund.  This ‘community foundation’ has distributed over £1.1 million in grants to 200 community groups since it was set up in 2010.  Building a strong community foundation will have a major impact on enabling more People Can activities to take place.

The Lord Mayors’ Appeals in recent years has supported community groups through providing small grants.

Did you know that Bradford is the fourth most generous city in England, Yorkshire’s most generous!

With competition for funding on the increase and the amount of funds available diminishing, charities always need help with fundraising. See what you can do to help.  If you are looking for a charity to support there is an online directory.

Here are a few examples of projects with volunteering roles in fundraising,  you can find more at the Volunteer Centres or online.

Cancer Research

If you don’t have the energy to Race for Life, there are other ways to help out this charity and the work it does to improve treatments for a disease that affects so many people.

Apply now online

Roleystone Horse and Pony Sanctuary

This local charity is run entirely by volunteers and relies on fund raising to carry out the work it does to rescue horses and ponies.

Peacemaker International

This is another local charity that needs help to raise money to continue the work it does with disadvantaged communities.

Whizz Kids Bradford

Join the regional fundraising team to help promote the work of this charity that works with young disabled children. By providing equipment, skills and confidence the charity aims to enable these young people so they can live lives to the full.

Orphans in Need

Charity does not always begin at home and this one supports orphans and widows in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There are lots of ways to help them raise the funds they need to provide, good, shelter, clothing and medical care.