The winner of this year’s Good Neighbours category sponsored by Incommunities is:

Margaret Wright

For the past 13 years, Margaret has regularly collected litter along the River Aire near where she lives. She fastens  bin bags to fences and posts along the path for people to use. Not everybody uses the bags and Margaret picks up other people’s rubbish along the path. Sometimes the bags are filled overnight. Despite Margaret’s  mobility problems, she carries the filled bags to where they can be disposed of correctly. Margaret has to split heavier bags to make the loads lighter or carry them part way and return later when feeling strong enough. Margaret is an inspirational character and has long  been doing by herself the work that the Litter Free and Plastic Free groups have now realised is vital.

Paul Cook
Leanne Cleghorn Rob Taylor
Michele Horsfal
Phil and Chris Stead
Pauline Kitchen – Norwood Avenue Residents Group

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