Nominated for the Community Groups category are:

Bracken Bank & District Community Association

As a new committee, they have built up a strong supportive network, consisting of local town Councillors, Bradford Council Councillors , and have networked to improve the environment of and around the Centre, by working closely with both Council and external bodies. Over the past year they/we have put on  several family/ community events which have all have featured in Keighley News. We are proud to brag that we are in the middle of a large external reconfiguration of external community areas, that will consist of stone picnic areas, new and better paved paths and play areas for the children to play in/on, improved lighting for  the play areas and walkways. We also are having the Centre both internally and externally pained. which has the knock on effect of improving the sight of the centre as well as the environment for the community.

People First Keighley and Craven

Our members work voluntarily and they are a voice for all with disabilities and learning disabilities. They work hard by organising events for people in the community to bring them together, these are known as the ALL INC.  They go to Safeguarding meetings and Mental Capacity Act Meetings and many more, to give their voice to help improve services wherever they can and to bring ideas to the table.  The members work on campaigns to try bring equality into force, as well as support other groups wherever they can. Also going to schools to teach children about life with disabilities.They bring joy to peoples lives with the events that they hold. Everyone who ever comes to People First fall in love with this place.

Childsplay Neighbourhood Nursery

Outside work hours and during the school hours staff collect and deliver food to families that are struggling.  The Nursery collects clothes and furniture for the families who need it. Nothing is too much trouble. During the school holidays staff volunteer and help run playscheme and community trips. and family camps etc.  Childsplay has made a huge impact on building communities and empowering parents working alongside each other exchanging skills and experiences.  They have trained and employed young people some of whom never went to school and given hundreds of people over the years opportunities that would have been inaccessible to them . This has inspired hope in young , working class people and people of colour to have their voices heard. Some of these people have gone on to be teachers and got jobs  in other professions

West End Community Centre

The West End centre provides a place that people can just be themselves, a home from home, where other beneficiaries become family.  The networks that develop  in the centre continue outside it and contribute to a more cohesive community. The centre provide opportunities to learn, socialise, and for people to grow.  You have to visit the centre to believe the warmth, welcome, and support on offer. I’ve never known anywhere like it  there are people from 20+ different nationalities,  many different religions, some with disabilities, some without. People with no educational attainment to those with masters degrees, but everyone  just helps each other. It’s a magical place

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