Nominated in this year’s Community Champions category are:

Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Aleksandra has qualified as an Immigration Advisor Level 1 OISC to help the most vulnerable EU migrants living in Bradford as she speaks English, Polish, Slovakian. She organises different sessions around the new immigration status (EU Settled Status) to help The EU migrants in Bradford to secure their right to reside after Brexit. She is covering the expenses from her own pocket. She completed over 150 applications so far and dealt with unbelievably hard cases of the most vulnerable. She makes people happy! Her help reduces the stress and fear; barriers collapse.  To help to integrate different communities to live safely in Bradford she organises a range of community cohesion events, promotion of healthy living and well-being through workshops, seminars, drop in sessions.

Adele Johnson

Recently Adele attended a course in Bradford for mums, her outspoken nature and inquisitive nature helped others in the group develop in confidence, had Adele not been a participant I expect that the others would not have been developed in such a way.  A fantastic ambassador.  Adele went onto meet other groups of mums to share her lived experience but more importantly she began her journey with wanting to know more about other faiths, she along with her close family members attended the Community Iftar in City Park this summer, which a year before would have been unheard of.  She has visited a mosque again to ask questions and dispel the myths she has heard from within her own community  As well as this Adele helps others in her community and has recently helped/supported a neighbour who had been subject of a financial crime, she contacted the authorities and made her best efforts to secure the CCTV.  Adele has gone onto to help others within her community, offering support and advice in many ways.  She is known for her fearless outlook and she demonstrates compassion for so many. She continues to champion local community interests.

Dorota Plata

Dorota helps supports and advises many families from the Eastern and Central European countries who are new to Bradford.  She is seen as the go to person in her community and has held a number of events that benefit the new communities.  Examples of this are running events/community days for those communities.  Inviting outside agencies/partners to understand the issues these communities face, fundraising and more importantly she is a single point of contact for many who are new to Bradford.  She works above and beyond her workload and she encourages others to help and volunteer. I am amazed at the level of energy and the enthusiasm she has for others a real credit to Bradford, we are lucky to have a Dorota in our midst.

Dr Ezhil Anand

Dr Anand is a volunteer at the People Together project which supports the Stronger Communities Partnership Board in achieving the Bradford Districts vision.  He fund raised £3500 towards an International cyclone relief project. To remember the sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth, he distributed Khadi poppies at an Indian Diwali event.  He started an online healthy eating group called Currywatchers  to promote health and fitness.  He is the founder of an online radio station (British Indian Tamil radio) for bringing community together and to educate public

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