Nominated this year for the Better Start Bradford: Outstanding Achievement Award category are:

Aqsa Shaheen

Aqsa has been volunteering with HENRY for 3 years as a parent champion.  During this time, alongside being a busy mum and studying at college, she has supported the running of workshops, group programmes for families, cokking programmes, run a walking group, set up a stay and play group and ran stalls at recruitment events

Ali Nahani

Mr. Ali is dedicated and hugely enthusiastic about volunteering with BSB. He is dedicated and always keen to be involved when asked. He is a keen learner and wants to always improve his English so he can improve his communication with as many people as possible. He is punctual, always smiling, very polite and happy volunteer.

Jo Midgley

Jo is not shy in saying that she didn’t have a brilliant time as a child and as a result this affected her into adult hood. By being active in Better Start groups Jo is a changed person.  She is always up for getting involved in things. Shes a very positive person and where she can she will try and support other mums like her who are going through the same issues.  She is always willing to share her experiences in hope to help other mums like her, and she is always willing to get on board and help out, which is a massive change in Jo’s life.

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