The nominees for the Volunteer category were:

Vivienne Dwyer                                            Ursula Dalby x 3                  Friends of the Deceased x 5

Majid Hussain x 4                                        Kath Drake                            Bradford Phab

Satwant Singh x 3                                        Felix Credit Union                Anne McGrath

St John’s Ambulance volunteers               Moira Rawnsley                   Gerald Ashfield

Kathie Lakin                                                  Marcia Reed                          The Valley Project x 2

Liam Jagger                                                   Mike Frazer                           Brenda Satterley – Allerton Cat Rescue

Corinna Parks                                               Parvaze Ghani                      Curry Circle

Paula Thomas                                               Sara Clarke                           Greengates Groups

Shivarna Mitra                                              Shazia Nazia                        Mohammed Ghafoor

Akbar Khan                                                   Amanda Smith                     Kathleen Naylor

Barbara Kirwan

This year’s winner is – Majid Hussain

Majid had numerous nominations across multiple categories which included “He gives his own time to work with young kids, disadvantaged kids from all backgrounds and races. He gives them a purpose and a sense of belonging, keeps them safe and gives them direction through football and social development.  Local people are now giving up their time to volunteer to support Atheletico FC. The Club have now got over 17 volunteers from all walks of life,  ages and gender and the club continues to grow from strength to strength.  Athletico FC collect young people from across Bradford East to get involved in their club and accommodate all families including single mums, EU Community etc.  Majid’s actions need to be recognized and will encourage others to do the same.”

Majid Hussain