Nominated for the Community Groups category were:

Queensbury Community Heritage Action Partnership           Felix Credit Union

Upper Heaton Working Together                                                The Valley Project – Holmewood x 2

Bradford District Senior Power                                                    Friends of Greengates Cenotaph

Apperley Bridge – Greengates Volunteers  x 2                          Baildon in Bloom

Athletico Juniors FC x 6                                                                  Zaibunnisa for Community Works

Friends of the Deceased x 2                                                          Amazing Grace – Sandra Burgan

Moving Forward                                                                              St Johns Day Centre – Thorpe Edge

Killinghall Parents & Friends Association                                   Bradford Community Soup

This year’s winner is – Upper Heaton Working Together

Kate made this nomination saying “This group  is predominantly run by women who are mums and carers and often turn up to the meetings with babies and small children and clearly have so much going on in their own lives but they still spare time for the community and involve their children in the decision making and activities.  For this years Health Project they have not been afraid to try new things and give so much of themselves for example running the walking group and encouraging mums from school, sharing their skills by growing vegetables in their garden and giving away at the community event  to  dancing at the community Bangra night.”

Upper Heaton Working Together