The nominees for the Community Champions category are:

Harkishan Mistry                              Rob Martin                                    Majid Hussain

Janet Russell                                      Mike Frazer                                   Rashid Khather

Shannon Worsley                             Steve Thorpe                                 Dave McDougall

Norah McWilliam                             Humera Khan                                Indi Elcock

Naz Kazmi                                          Sandra Burgan                              Jayne McDonnell

Humayun Islam                                Sarah White                                   Luke Ferrey

Tasveer Ghani

This year’s winner is – Shannon Worsley

Ruth made this nominations stating “Shannon works with young people and promotes active citizenship. She is arranging for the youth group to take responsibility for unused park planters. Teaching responsibility, healthy exercise and healthy eating.  She is empowering these young people to realise their democratic power and to ensure that their voices are heard. Shannon is arranging for youth groups to meet local councillors to discuss the issues that they face.  Shannon sets an excellent example of what can be achieved by young people. Winning this award will encourage her youth members to strive and achieve as they see that hard work is rewarded.”

Shannon Worsley