The nominees for the Business Can Make a Difference category are:

Classic Events Bradford LTD; Mike Cowlam  Mike is the driving force behind the Bradford Classic, the annual city centre classic car show.  It is a fantastic community event, attended by people of all ages and backgrounds. Mike handles everything from planning the event to raising funds and marketing and promotion.  This year the event had 132 exhibitors and an estimated 13 000 visitors.

Uriah Woodhead and Sons; Sean Carroll  The Big Swing Playground nominated this company when it donated a large quantity of wood to the project. A fire at the playground forced it to close but this company saved the day. They turned up with two wagonloads of wood, which they donated free of charge. The wood will be used for a variety of purposes at the playground.

Skipton Building Society  Skipton Building Society has a number of Branches in the local area.  All the Skipton Branches have been hugely supportive of our partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society.  The Branches raised over £1,500 for the Alzheimer’s Society but more valuable than the money raised is the Branches’ commitment to support the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends initiative.

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