People can influence the law to stop discrimination

Tom Walsh’s has made a difference

After finding I was being charged as much as double what other people were paying because I am a wheelchair user I decided to start a campaign to try and stop this happening..

I did my research and found out that almost all Private Hire drivers in the Bradford District were charging more when carrying wheelchair users – this I felt was clear discrimination.

With the help of People First Keighley and Craven and other disabled people we told them about Section 165 of the Equality Act 2010 which says that drivers cannot charge wheelchair users more. But Section 165 had not yet been enacted.

After 5 years of campaigning and raising awareness with services, the public, newspapers, radio and mainstream TV, section 165 of the Act has now been enacted. This means that if you can prove any Private hire driver have overcharged you or refuse or avoid picking up wheelchair passengers they can be fined up to £1,000 and have their licence taken from them

If you find that you are being overcharged then get a receipt. This will act as proof. Make a complaint with the operator and/or with Bradford Licensing Dept. If you need help you can get in touch with me or Omar on 01535 607222.



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