Baxter Can

Meet Lucy Blenkiron, better known as Baxter.

Baxter is 18 years and has been a member of Shipley Youth Café for just over 12 months. During this time, Baxter has been an active member of the Youth Café and has been involved in a Voice & Influence residential where young people have been encouraged to take more of a role in running their own youth provision and to advocate on behalf of other young people.

Having sampled the services that the Youth Service has to offer, Baxter now wants to become a Youth Worker herself and is currently undertaking the Youth Service’s Volunteer training programme.

Baxter is currently volunteering every week at a youth session for young people aged 15 years and younger at Shipley Youth Café. She has recently completed her Food Hygiene certificate and is now helping youth workers and young people raise the standards of the healthy eating cook and eat programmes at Shipley Youth Café.

For further information please contact Carys Bose on 01274 437146 or email

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