Parents – Why Not Set Up a Walking Bus to School?

A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults. If that sounds simple, it is, and that’s part of the beauty of the walking school bus. It can be as informal as two families taking turns walking their children to school to as structured as a route with meeting points, a timetable and a regularly rotated schedule of trained volunteers.

A variation on the walking school bus is the bicycle train, in which adults supervise children riding their bikes to school. The flexibility of the walking school bus makes it appealing to communities of all sizes with varying needs.

Ley Top Primary School in Bradford teamed up with children’s health professionals at Bradford District Care Trust to run their walking bus after concerns were raised by parents and residents about the volume of traffic outside the school. The Giant Walking Bus event kick-started a wider programme that encourages long term road safety for nursery children and physical activity and healthy eating for families, in partnership with Allerton Children’s Centre, local residents, neighbourhood police and the fire service.

Parental involvement worker Jacqui Tate said: “It was a great day and a really good way to spread the message of road safety to the community. The children dressed up and did a zebra crossing role-play. Local firemen and the lollipop person came and gave a talk about road safety, and the children made their own posters.”

You can set up a walking bus using help on this link.

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