Bingley Youth Café Young People Can

Two young people that attend Bingley Youth Café offered their services as part of the People Can initiative by volunteering at the Youth Café for a total of 11 sessions over the month of September. This equated to a total of a fantastic 110 volunteering hours over the month showing quite clearly that ‘Young People Can’!

The young people were keen to support the People Can initiative as a means of offering a positive role model of young people who often receive negative press. The young people assisted with the planning and preparation of youth work sessions, contributing the evaluation of the sessions and supervising and facilitating workshops for other young people. They also assisted with keeping the inside and outside of Bingley Youth Café clean and tidy.

As a result of their volunteering, the young people have joined the Shipley Voice programme which aims to give young people a greater voice in terms of shaping service delivery for young people and are interested in pursuing careers as youth workers themselves.

For further information please contact Carys Bose on 01274 437146 or email

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