The Power Girls at Doe Park

Here are two 0f the Power girls, supporting and working alongside 14 other girls who are all enjoying the ‘4 day outdoor pursuits girls only course’ at Doe Park of which they helped to organise.

WP_20160823_15_10_20_Pro WP_20160823_15_20_47_Pro

Just look at the things they have got up to, Wow!

WP_20160823_15_21_09_Pro  WP_20160823_14_14_04_Pro  WP_20160823_15_53_37_Pro

WP_20160823_11_18_25_Pro   WP_20160823_14_33_10_Pro WP_20160823_14_34_19_Pro   WP_20160823_14_33_10_Pro WP_20160823_14_40_09_ProWP_20160823_14_34_19_Pro    WP_20160823_12_54_26_Pro    WP_20160823_14_41_54_Pro  P1020277   P1020215 P1020291   P1020313   WP_20160822_13_01_07_Pro

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