WOW In Canterbury

The WOW festival.  Celebrating girls and women from all backgrounds and ages will be held in Bradford this November, the first to take place in the north of England.  The city’s festival will be led by Evie Manning, whose award-winning theatre production of No Guts, No Heart, No Glory – telling the story of five Muslim female boxers from Bradford – was featured at Southbank Centre’s 2015 WOW Festival.  Evie attended a meeting at Canterbury on the 19th July to meet with the girl’s group and the Power girls who are part of Nola’s Hanson academy group.

Evie has asked for an input from the girls to take part during the 3 day event.  We have a follow up meeting mid-August and will be planning and producing some ideas for the event.

There will be a BBQ taking place at Canterbury Youth Club in August.  This will involve the girls group, drama group and the sports group who will plan and organise this.  Also it celebrates the success of the achievements made by each group.

For further information please contact Taira Shah at Canterbury Youth Centre Tel 07583145077

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