Oakenshaw Clean Up!

A local couple from Oakenshaw have worked tirelessly to clear up an overgrown piece of land opposite their home. Elaine and Jeff Ansell decided it was time to act and get the area cleared up.

Oakenshaw - people can 1Elaine suffers from emphysema but with the help of her sister and husband, they have transformed the area. It took about two weeks to complete and the couple have spent nearly £160 on plants pebbles and weed killer. It is an unadopted road and is used as a cut through by local young children, making their way to school. Over the last few years the area had become totally overgrown and unsightly. It blocked the view of the entire street and made them feel unsafe. The bushes had grown sky high totally obliterating their view. Elaine is now also able to keep an eye on her neighbour, who lives on the opposite side of the street and suffers ill health.

The couple have been very active in the local community over the years, helping out at Woodlands Primary School and with the Oakenshaw Residents’ Association. They have been together since their school days and recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Jeff regularly carries out a weekly litter pick in the locality and they are planning the next big clean-up very soon. They have managed to enlist more support from their neighbours to help out this time and the aim is to clear the waste land at the top of the street.

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