Later Years Cobbydale

Later Years Cobbydacobby 1le is a new group where local volunteers have come together to set up a Health and Well-Being Support Group for older residents in the Silsden area. As a group we have held four meetings and have agreed to focus on promoting health and social well-being and related activities to address isolation issues for those who are most vulnerable. Since we have set up the volunteers have gathered information to publish a booklet – Later Years in Cobbydale and What’s on in Silsden for you? We hope hour booklet with be informative and encourage people on their own or who are isolated to access local activities and services more easily. We have also made contact with Care link, Age UK, Friends of Silsden Town Hall and Local Churches. As our group develops we hope to work with other local organisations to arrange activities to address social needs and promote self – care to improve lives of people in later life.

Our group meets at Silsden Town Hall by arrangement. We plan to distribute the booklet via local outlets such as Chemist, Doctors, Churches, Town Hall and shops within the area.


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