Youth Offer: Grants available closing 12th August

Bradford’s Youth Offer: Grants to provide regular activities and youth provision

“Youth Work Grants” and “Youth Work Developmental Grants”.

Deadlines for submissions is Friday 12th August 2016 by 16:00 hours

To get your application form Contact Heather Wilson Commissioner (Youth Provision)

Tel: 01274 431781 or email


More information

The Secretary of State for Education provides guidance to local authorities on services and activities to improve young people’s well being. This guidance outlines the expectations in relation to young people’s equality of access to a range of positive, preventative and early help services and activities that improve young people’s well being. We call this the Youth Offer, recognising that with the right supportive relationships, strong ambitions and good opportunities all young people can realise their potential and be positive and active members of society. Bradford’s Youth Offer aims to ensure a range of activities and services that take place in safe spaces, where young people can develop a sense of belonging, socialise with their peers, enjoy social mixing, spending time with other people and develop relationships with adults they can trust.

In Bradford the Youth Offer is delivered by a range of providers including Bradford Council, health, schools, voluntary sector, informal community groups, housing associations, faith groups, uniformed organisations, the police and private sector organisations.

These grants are designed to support voluntary, community and faith organisations to contribute to the Youth Offer in Bradford. The priorities outlined in this application form draw on the youth offer report and subsequent work undertaken by the multi agency Youth Offer Working Group

There is a limited amount of money allocated for supporting the delivery of Youth Work by the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector. We are keen to encourage a diverse range of organisations to apply but respectfully point out that this is limited by the budget available, and we will not be able to fund all applications we receive.


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