Women of Keighley Collective – promoting community cohesion.

wc3Women of Keighley Collective

The “Women of Keighley” collective are women who live and/ or work in Keighley.  The aim is to bring women together for friendship, using the collective as a platform for change, unity, sharing, diversity, mutual support, connectivity, self discovery, and opportunities for growth.

Our first forum for Central Ward attracted mainly South Asian women who were already connected to schools or organisations.  Women were encouraged to talk about activities they were involved in and the difference this has made to their lives.  For many this was the first time they had spoken in public to a room of 70+ people.  In addition we had a range of stalls providing information on health and wellbeing, domestic violence and other crucial support services for women.  This was followed by an event to support International Women’s Day and over 200 women attended on the day from diverse backgrounds, and many took part by cooking food and baking cakes to share. The organisation of the event was a combined effort by volunteers and representatives from Soroptomsts & Mothers of Eastwood School, Holycroft Parents, Good Shepherd Centre, Lilies of the Valley, Roshni Ghar, KAWACC, Highfield Community Association, Cliffe Castle Conservation Group, Keighley Healthy Living,  Keighley Children’s Centres, Keighley Healthy Living, Keighley Area Office CBMDC, Racial Justice Network, Parents and Residents.

For more information about the collective phone Jo Horrocks KIVCA, Keighley on 01535 – 665258.








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