A Park for all at Cross Roads

Volunteers help create a park for all in Cross Roads

FrieCross Roads 2nds of Cross Roads Park aims to provide “a park for all”, for people of different age groups, interests, backgrounds, and abilities.

Our group is working to develop and enhance the facilities in Cross Roads park enabling it to become a source of pride for the local community Our project consists of a complete overhaul/refurbishment of our local park, fund raising, maintenance and provision of events for local people throughout the year.

Set up in September 2014, he Committee consists of eight people, all local volunteers.  Our Friends of Cross Roads Park Facebook page currently has 240 members – Lees, Cross Roads & Bocking Facebook page has 570 members and we currently have 58 “paid up” members.

Help or involvement is welcomed in the following ways:-

  • Litter picking
  • Attendance at events
  • Take up of membership of the group
  • Making of handicrafts to sell at local outlets
  • Donation of items to sell at events
  • Delivery of publicity material
  • Financial donations

Our Committee and members have enjoyed doing the work, which, whilst it involves many challenges, has brought the community together, working towards a common goal.  When the going gets tough it is often a smile on a child’s face or an encouraging comment from a member of the public which makes it all worthwhile.

For more info contact Anne Arana on a.arana229@btinternet.com


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