Kelly helps raise drug awareness

Ingrow mum Kelly helps raise drug awareness

IngrowIngrow Mum mum Kelly Turner has taken up the challenge of helping others recognise when someone they love might have started experimenting with drugs.

Kelly, a neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, volunteered to take part in a drugs awareness raising project, No Excuses which involves using an  info pack, containing scratch and sniff drugs scented cards (pictured below), pictures of drugs equipment and contact info for the Talk to Frank support website.

She has since spoken to scores of parents to help make sure they are aware of the smell of cannabis, and what some of the kit looks like.

“Some mums I’ve spoken to were oblivious, they didn’t realise why their kids were coming in at night not wanting their tea, just wanting to eat something sweet. One mum didn’t even know cannabis came off a plant,” Kelly said.

“Some recognised the pictures of the equipment and some realised they had smelled that smell for a long time.”

“I was thinking “Is it just me bothered about this ?” but other mums have said it’s been brilliant for helping them work out what’s going on with their kids so they can do something about it.”

Kelly is also involved with the Big Local project and aims to use the No Excuses pack in its young people’s work.

Anyone in the Keighley area who wants to help raise drug awareness  in the Keighley area through the No Excuses project should contact Liz Parker on 01535 618008 or mail


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