Legs for hire!

Legs for hire!  – Michael Pascal (aka Muppett)

muppetAs some of you may know, for the past few years I have undertaken a week long walk in order to raise money for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, well I’m undertaking another one this year,  at the end of July.

With this in mind on Saturday July 2nd I’m intending to walk the Bradford Millennium Way ( see this link; http://www.bradfordmillenniumway.co.uk/ ), it’s walk that takes in some fantastic local countryside, which includes Haworth and Ilkley moor, Shipley Glen, Goitstock woods in Harden and Gooseye, to name just a few of the highlights over its 45 mile route, Aye that’s right 45 miles, ( now you know why I’m called Muppett!!)

Any Road the reason I’m telling you is that you can use this walk of mine on July 2nd to help raise any funds you need for your organisation, All you have to do is get your group members and community to sponsor me, you collect the sponsors, I do the Walk, you collect the money for your group to benefit – SIMPLE!

Anyone is welcome to join me for part or all the walk, it’s up to you.

As proof of me doing the walk will  take photos of the journey which I will share with you.

Please contact me if you want to take up this offer or if you want more info. (muppett@cnet.org.uk – 01274 305045)





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