Why Don’t We


Why dont WeWhy Don’t We is a new group, which provides creative opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. We primarily use photography, sound recording and video to address issues, develop communication and increase confidence.

Participants also learn valuable life skills and take responsibility for different aspects of the process so we have a lead photographer, a researcher, someone who looks after equipment and others who record attendance and look after visitors.

Led by photographer, Tony O’Connell and supported by volunteers, we are a small, friendly and vibrant team that is always up for a challenge and never miss an opportunity to enjoy ourselves.

In the past we have used photography to recreate the Cottingley Fairies Story and explore strange tales from the Bradford area. This work has featured in exhibitions at Cottingley Cornerstone, South Square Gallery and Saltaire Arts Trail. We also undertook commissions from the Travel Training Unit at Bradford College and Waddiloves Health Centre.

We have now turned our attention to issues, which affect the lives of participants. For example, we have created on-line resources on healthy eating and disability hate crime.

We meet at Cottingley Cornerstone Centre every Thursday. There is currently no cost to participants.

To find out more visit www.why-dont-we.com or contact Tony O’Connell on 07887 885011.

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