Hate Hurts

hc-a4-poster-imageA network of ‘Hate Crime Reporting Centres’ are in place across the Bradford District. To date there are 27 reporting centres where staff received training to respond to and take reports from victims of hate crime.

Case Study

As a victim of hate crime, Mary lived on a large housing estate run by a social landlord.  Mary was seen as different to other tenants because she was from the Caribbean.  Her experience living where she did was that there were very few people who looked like her or that she could make real links with. Mary had lived on the estate happily for about 3 months until a new family moved in. This family seemed to influence those around them and pretty soon Mary found herself at the centre of racist treatment. Mary was unsure where to go with her complaint, as she certainly did not want to go the police.

Mary came across her local hate crime reporting centre, when she was walking home one day and decided to go in to find out more information. She was able to speak with someone who reassured her that they would take her issue seriously and that she could if she wished report her issue to the police through the reporting centre. Mary was concerned that her neighbours would find out that she had made a complaint and that she would become more of a target. All Mary wanted was for the behaviour to stop and for her to be left in peace.

Mary was left feeling pretty confident that her issue would be dealt with. The person taking the report was able to make her feel confident that something would be done. She was offered help and support from Victim Support and Restorative Justice, both of these organisations were both established with volunteers at their centre.

With the help of volunteers from Bradford Hate Crime Alliance, Victim Support and Restorative Justice Mary is able to feel happy and safe once again in her home.

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